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Kastelein, R.A. (author), Helder-Hoek, L. (author), Cornelisse, S.A. (author), von Benda-Beckmann, A.M. (author), Lam, F.P.A. (author), de Jong, C.A.F. (author), Ketten, D.R. (author)
Noise-induced temporary hearing threshold shift (TTS) was studied in a harbor porpoise exposed to impulsive sounds of scaled-down airguns while both stationary and free-swimming for up to 90 min. In a previous study, ∼4 dB TTS was elicited in this porpoise, but despite 8 dB higher single-shot and cumulative exposure levels (up to 199 dB re 1...
article 2020
Thomsen, F. (author), Borsani, F. (author), Clarke, D. (author), de Jong, C. (author), de Wit, P. (author), Goethals, F. (author), Holtkamp, M. (author), Martin, E.S. (author), Spadaro, P. (author), van Raalte, G. (author), Victor, G.Y.V. (author), Jensen, A. (author)
The World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA) has identified underwater sound as an environmental issue that needs further consideration. A WODA Expert Group on Underwater Sound (WEGUS) prepared a guidance paper in 2013 on dredging sound, including a summary of potential impacts on aquatic biota and advice on underwater sound monitoring...
conference paper 2016
de Jong, C.A.F. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), Heinis, F. (author), Janmaat, J. (author)
The underwater sound produced during construction of the Port of Rotterdam harbor extension (Maasvlakte 2) was measured, with emphasis on the contribution of the trailing suction hopper dredgers during their various activities: dredging, transport, and discharge of sediment. Measured source levels of the dredgers, estimated source levels of...
bookPart 2016