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Peters, E. (author), Ostendorf, M. (author), Bösch, T. (author), Seyler, A. (author), Schönhardt, A. (author), Schreier, S.F. (author), Henzing, J.S. (author), Wittrock, F. (author), Richter, A. (author), Vrekoussis, M. (author), Burrows, J.P. (author)
A novel imaging-DOAS (differential optical absorption spectroscopy) instrument IMPACT (Imaging MaPper for AtmospheriC observaTions) is presented combining full-azimuthal pointing (360◦) with a large vertical coverage (∼41◦). Complete panoramic scans are acquired at a temporal resolution of ∼15min, enabling the retrieval of NO2 vertical profiles...
article 2019
Shaiganfar, R. (author), Beirle, S. (author), Denier van der Gon, H. (author), Jonkers, S. (author), Kuenen, J. (author), Petetin, H. (author), Zhang, Q. (author), Beekmann, M. (author), Wagner, T. (author)
We determined NOx emissions from Paris in summer 2009 and winter 2009/2010 by applying the closed integral method (CIM) to a large set of car multi-axis differential optical absorption spectroscopy (MAX-DOAS) measurements performed within the framework of the MEGAPOLI project ( MAX-DOAS measurements of the tropospheric...
article 2017