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Morse, D.C. (author), Plug, A. (author), Wesseling, W. (author), van den Berg, K.J. (author), Brouwer, A. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
Pregnant Wistar WU rats were exposed to 0, 5, and 25 mg of the commercial polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) mixture Aroclor 1254 per kilogram of body weight on Days 10 to 16 of gestation. Pregnant rats were sacrificed on Gestation Day 20 to observe effects on fetal body and brain weights. Male and female offspring were sacrificed on Postnatal Days...
article 1996
Wade, D.R. (author), Lohman, P.H.M. (author), Mattern, I.E. (author), Berends, F. (author), Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
A commercial sample of the tuberculostatic drug isoniazid (INH) was found to have a weak mutagenic activity towards Salmonella typhimurium strains TA100 and TA1535. The addition of a rat or mouse liver homogenate to the test system decreased the mutagenic effect of INH. Hydrazine, an impurity of the INH sample, was also weakly mutagenic in...
article 1981
Mattern, I.E. (author), Greim, H. (author), Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO (author)
Bacterial systems for the screening of chemical substances for mutagenic potential are receiving widespread attention. Now that many laboratories have introduced these test systems and a large number of substances has been tested, discrepancies in the results have become apparent. To discuss this problem, a workshop was organized at Neuherberg ...
article 1978