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Siemes, A.J.M. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
In the past years much efforts have been spent on a new design approach for the durability of existing and new concrete structures. The results of these efforts can be seen in recent work of several international scientific committees of Rilem, CEB, CIB and FIER These have finally resulted in the Brite/Euram project DuraCrete where a design...
conference paper 2001
Siemes, T. (author), Polder, R. (author), de Vries, H. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
To design concrete structures for durability, all relevant performances that the structure has to fulfill and that can be influenced by degradations have to be defined. The probability that a given performance must be delivered within a design service life should also be considered. One of the consequences of the required reliability in the...
article 1998
Polder, R.B. (author), TNO Bouw (author)
Chloride penetration from sea water may cause corrosion of reinforcement in concrete structures. Adding reactive inorganic materials such as blast furnace slag, fly ash or silica fume to the cement matrix improves the resistance against chloride penetration as compared to Portland cement concrete. A relatively simple laboratory procedure was...
article 1996