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Ladirat, S.E. (author), Schoterman, M.H.C. (author), Rahaoui, H. (author), Mars, M. (author), Schuren, F.H.J. (author), Gruppen, H. (author), Nauta, A. (author), Schols, H.A. (author)
In the present double-blind, randomised, parallel intervention study, the effects of the intake of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) on the gut microbiota of twelve healthy adult subjects (aged 18-45 years with a normal BMI (18-25 kg/m2)) receiving amoxicillin (AMX) treatment were determined. All the subjects were treated with AMX (375 mg; three...
article 2014
Buitendijk, S.E. (author)
In the 'Overview of the role of antibiotics in curtailing labour and early delivery'(ORACLE I)-trial in women with premature rupture of membranes, the use of erythromycin was found to be associated with a decrease in the primary composite outcome (neonatal death, chronic lung disease or major cerebral abnormality on ultrasound; p = 0.08) and in...
article 2001