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White, K. (author), Arntzen, M. (author), Bronkhorst, A. (author), Meeter, M. (author)
Annoyance reactions to different types of landing procedures were addressed in a controlled laboratory setting using a Virtual Community Noise Simulator (VCNS) with a head mounted display.Participants, standing on a virtual countryside road, experienced four types of descentflyovers by an A330 aircraft: A regular descent flyoverat 2000ft and...
conference paper 2014
Vos, J. (author), Houben, M.M.J. (author), van der Ploeg, F. (author), Buikema, E. (author)
The objective of the present laboratory studies was to enable refinements of the current rating procedure for low frequency sounds. To increase our insight into a relevant spectral issue, groups of adjacent frequency bands around 40, 50, and 63 Hz were presented at various sound level combinations. It was concluded that an energy-based summation...
conference paper 2010