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Reijnen, M.M.P.J. (author), Holmdahl, L. (author), Kooistra, T. (author), Falk, P. (author), Hendriks, T. (author), van Goor, H. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Background: This study assessed the peritoneal fibrinolytic response during the first week after colonic surgery in rats with and without bacterial peritonitis, and possible modulation of the response by two hyaluronan-based antiadhesive agents. Methods: A colonic anastomosis was constructed in 90 male Wistar rats. Peritonitis was induced in...
article 2002
Emeis, J.J. (author), van den Hoogen, C.M. (author), Gaubius Laboratory IVVO-TNO, P.O. Box 430, 2300 AK Leiden, Netherlands Instituut voor verouderings- en vaatziekten onderzoek TNO (author)
Pharmacological modulation of the in vivo induction of plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 (PAI-1) synthesis was studied in rats using the induction of PAI-1 by endotoxin as a model system. Both the cyclooxygenase inhibitors acetylsalicylic acid and indomethacin enhanced PAI-1 induction. The combined cyclooxygenase-lipoxygenase inhibitor,...
article 1992
Emeis, J.J. (author), van Houwelingen, A.C. (author), van den Hoogen, C.M. (author), Hornstra, G. (author), Gaubius Institute TNO, 2300 AP Leiden, Netherlands (author)
For a period of 6 weeks, 76 healthy male volunteers consumed during their daily main meal the contents of one tin (~ 135 g) of either fish (mackerel) paste or meat paste. Fibrinolytic parameters were determined in plasma samples obtained at the beginning and at the end of the experimental period. No changes were found in plasminogen, α2...
article 1989