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Lippert, T. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), von Estorff, O. (author)
Sound produced by marine pile driving activities poses a possible risk to marine life. The assessment and mitigation of this risk requires a precise prediction of the expected levels. An analytical approach to estimate the radiated sound exposure levels is presented, based on the axial symmetry of the problem, resulting in damped cylindrical...
article 2018
Loeve, D. (author), Veldkamp, J.G. (author), Peters, E. (author), van Wees, J.D.A.M. (author)
In the production well of a low-enthalpy geothermal doublet hot water is pumped from reservoirs at about 50-1007deg;C. After passing through a heat exchanger, the cold water is re-injected at about 20-357deg;C in the injection well into the reservoir, which initially has the same temperature as the produced water. Under some circumstances, this...
conference paper 2015
van der Wilt, G.J. (author), Reuzel, R. (author), Banta, H.D. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Health technology assessment (HTA) consists of the systematic study of the consequences of the introduction or continued use of the technology in a particular context, with the explicit objective to arrive at a judgment of the value or merit of the technology. Ideally, it is aimed at assessing all aspects of a given technology or group of...
article 2000