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Renwick, A.B. (author), Ball, S.E. (author), Tredger, J.M. (author), Price, R.J. (author), Walters, D.G. (author), Kao, J. (author), Scatina, J.A. (author), Lake, B.G. (author), TNO Voeding (author)
The effect of cimetidine on the metabolism of zaleplon (ZAL) in human liver subcellular fractions and precision-cut liver slices was investigated. 2. ZAL was metabolized to a number of products including 5-oxo-ZAL (M2), which is known to be formed by aldehyde oxidase, N-desethyl-ZAL (DZAL), which is known to be formed by CYP3A forms, and N...
article 2002