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Genderen, P.V. (author), Stolp, E. (author), Heebels, G. (author)
This paper addresses the early developments that have resulted in the design and development of active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) in The Netherlands. An early type of radar measuring the position of objects in range, azimuth and elevation in three dimensions (SPS-01/MTTR) is described in some detail. Requirements of the Royal...
conference paper 2019
van Maanen, P.P. (author), Holleman, B. (author), Kerbusch, P. (author), van der Kleij, R. (author), Smets, N. (author), Smit, S. (author), Rakhorst-Oudendijk, M. (author)
Many reasons exist for the military to favor unmanned systems and future missions are envisioned that require longer, more diverse and more frequent deployment of UAVs with increased mission precision. This will also result in a much higher demand on operator crews working with UAVs. With the current pressure on operational budgets, a more...
conference paper 2014
van de Voorde, M.J. (author)
Both the Royal Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy are using the 30 mm Goalkeeper as CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) on their ships. The Goalkeeper CIWS and its ammunition are being used since the late 1980’s. Before introduction in the Royal Navy and the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Goalkeeper system and its ammunition have been studied...
conference paper 2005