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Clairbois, J.-P. (author), de Roo, F. (author), Garai, M. (author), Conter, M. (author), Defrance, J. (author), Oltean-Dumbrava, C. (author), Fusco, I. (author)
Since the early 80's, one models noise propagation, in the early 90's one started to standardize how to measure the intrinsic characteristics of manufactured noise barriers: in 1997, the EU funded ADRIENNE research ([1] and [2]) was a first step, but many problems still remained. Since years, all the noise propagation software are still modeling...
conference paper 2010
Gerretsen, E. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
Some years ago a model was described for the calculation of the weighted airborne sound insulation between dwellings. Further work has been done since in order to increase the applicability of this model, including the extension to octave band calculations. Besides airborne sound, impact sound is also of importance. Therefore the calculation...
article 1986