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Harsha, S. (author), Khakharia, P. (author), Huizinga, A. (author), Monteiro, J. (author), Goetheer, E. (author), Vlugt, T.J.H. (author)
The amine-based post combustion carbon capture process is one of the most advanced and preferred technologies to reduce CO 2 emissions from point sources like power plants. The emissions of amine from capture plants is one of the biggest challenges faced by this technology. These emissions typically occur by means of aerosol/mist formation. To...
article 2019
Becker, E. (author), Hoell, C. (author), Kulmala, M. (author), Hameri, K. (author), Pirjola, L. (author), Aalto, P. (author), Geever, M. (author), Kunz, G. (author), Hansson, H.-C. (author), Strom, J. (author), Jennings, M. (author), O'Dowd, C.D. (author), Makela, J.M. (author), Vakeva, M. (author), de Leeuw, G. (author), TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author)
article 2001
O'Dowd, C.D. (author), Becker, E. (author), Hoell, C. (author), Mäkela, J.M. (author), Kulmala, M. (author), Hämeri, K. (author), Väkevä, M. (author), Pirjola, L. (author), Aalto, P. (author), Hansson, H-C. (author), Strom, J. (author), Jennings, S.G. (author), Geever, M. (author), de Leeuw, G. (author), Kunz, G.J. (author), Berresheim, H. (author), Hewitt, C.N. (author), Sartin, J. (author), Harrison, R.M. (author), Allen, A.G. (author), Viisanen, Y. (author), Korhonen, P. (author), Rapsomanikis, S. (author), Hoffman, T. (author), TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author)
article 2000