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Kuiper, S. (author), Saathof, R. (author)
TNO’s DM technology is based on a unique electromagnetic actuator. TNO is targeting the DM development for applications for atmospheric corrections in both astronomy and laser communication applications.
other 2019
Kuiper, S. (author), Doelman, N.J. (author), Human, J.D. (author), Saathof, R. (author), Klop, W.A. (author), Maniscalco, M.P. (author)
TNO is developing Deformable Mirror (DM) technology, targeted for aberration correction in high-end Adaptive Optics (AO) applications in the field of lithography, astronomy, space and laser communication. The heart of this deformable mirror technology is a unique actuator technology based on the variable reluctance principle. The main advantages...
conference paper 2018