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Kanev, S.K. (author), Bot, E. (author), Giles, J. (author)
Active wake control (AWC) is a strategy for operating wind farms in such a way as to reduce the wake effects on the wind turbines, potentially increasing the overall power production. There are two concepts to AWC: induction control and wake redirection. The former strategy boils down to down-regulating the upstream turbines in order to increase...
article 2020
Kanev, S. (author)
Active wake control (AWC) is an operational strategy for wind farms that aims at reducing the negative effects of wakes behind wind turbines on the power production and mechanical loads at the wind turbines' downstream. For a given wind direction, the strategy relies on collaborative control of the machines within each row of turbines that...
article 2019
Kanev, S.K. (author), Savenije, F.J. (author), Engels, W.P. (author)
The wind turbines within a wind farm impact each other's power production and loads through their wakes. Wake control strategies, aiming to reduce wake effects, receive increasing interest by both the research community and the industry. A number of recent simulation studies with high fidelity wake models indicate that wake mitigation control is...
article 2018