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Heras, M.L.G. (author), Garcia, A.C. (author), Soriano, J.C. (author), De La Haba, J.L.G. (author), Le Roy-Naneix, I. (author), Kemkemian, S. (author), Thorsell, M. (author), Brandfass, M. (author), Brouard, P. (author), Boman, T. (author), Durst, S. (author), Nanni, A. (author), De Wit, J.J.M. (author), Calfa, U. (author), Sakalas, M. (author)
The project European active electronically scanned array with Combined Radar, Electronic Warfare (EW) and Communications (COMMs) functions for military applications, called CROWN, was launched in July 2021 under the European program of Preparatory Action for Defence Research (PADR) and Electromagnetic Spectrum Dominance Call. It responds to the...
conference paper 2022
Genderen, P.V. (author), Stolp, E. (author), Heebels, G. (author)
This paper addresses the early developments that have resulted in the design and development of active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) in The Netherlands. An early type of radar measuring the position of objects in range, azimuth and elevation in three dimensions (SPS-01/MTTR) is described in some detail. Requirements of the Royal...
conference paper 2019
Rebeiz, G.M. (author), Sarcione, M.G. (author), van Vliet, F. (author)
article 2013