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Sanchez Fernandez, E. (author), Goetheer, E.L.V. (author)
This work describes the conceptual design of a novel separation process for CO2 removal from flue gas based on precipitating solvents. The process here described (DECAB) is an enhanced CO2 absorption based on the Le Chatelier's principle, which states that reaction equilibrium can be shifted by removing one of the constituents in the reaction. A...
conference paper 2011
van Meel, P.A. (author), Erich, S.J.F. (author), Huinink, H.P. (author), Kopinga, K. (author), DE Jong, J. (author), Adan, O.C.G. (author)
Moisture accumulation inside wood causes favorable conditions for decay. Application of a coating alters the moisture sorption of wood and prevents accumulation of moisture. This paper presents the results of a nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study on the influence of a coating on the moisture absorption of wood. NMR allows to determine both...
article 2011
Feron, P.H.M. (author), Jansen, A.E. (author), TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie (author)
The principle and engineering aspects of the membrane gas absorption process are discussed. It is shown that membrane gas absorbers have size advantages over conventional equipment. A suitable choice of absorption liquids and membranes is necessary to achieve a workable system. Significant reductions in the energy consumption of absorption...
article 1995