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de Looze, M.P. (author), Steenhuizen, S. (author), Boeken-Kruger, M.C. (author), Baten, C.T.M. (author), Kingma, I. (author), van Dieën, J.H. (author)
People who know the actual mass of an object to be lifted normally prepare themselves before attempting a lift to control the movement and to minimize low back loading. In this study, the trunk muscular reactions and low back torque were investigated in the situation in which the individual did not know the actual mass but only had some idea of...
article 2000
de Looze, M.P. (author), Groen, H. (author), Horemans, H. (author), Kingma, I. (author), van Dieën, J.H. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
In lifting, the abdominal muscles are thought to be activated to stabilize the spine. As a detrimental effect, they contribute to spinal compression. The existing literature is not conclusive about the biological relevance of this effect. From biological, mechanical and anatomical considerations it was hypothesised that the relative abdominal...
article 1999