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Trumpy, E. (author), Botteghi, S. (author), Caiozzi, F. (author), Donato, A. (author), Gola, G. (author), Montanari, D. (author), Pluymaekers, M.P.D. (author), Santilano, A. (author), van Wees, J.D. (author), Manzella, A. (author)
In this study a new approach to geothermal potential assessment was set up and applied in four regions in southern Italy. Our procedure, VIGORThermoGIS, relies on the volume method of assessment and uses a 3D model of the subsurface to integrate thermal, geological and petro-physical data. The method thus produces 2D geothermal potential maps...
article 2016
Henares, S. (author), Bloemsma, M.R. (author), Donselaar, M.E. (author), Mijnlieff, H.F. (author), Redjosentono, A.E. (author), Veldkamp, H.G. (author), Weltje, G.J. (author)
The Rotliegend (Upper Permian) reservoir interval in the Southern Permian Basin (SPB) contains low-permeability streaks corresponding to anhydrite-cemented intervals. An integrated study was conducted using core, cuttings, thin sections and well-log data from a gas exploration well and two geothermal wells that target the zone of interest. This...
article 2014