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de Waal, J.A. (author), van Thienen-Visser, K. (author), Pruiksma, J.P. (author)
Laboratory experiments on samples from a consolidated sandstone reservoir are presented that demonstrate rate type compaction behaviour similar to that observed on unconsolidated sands and soils. Such rate type behaviour can have large consequences for reservoir compaction, surface subsidence and induced seismicity resulting from oil and gas...
conference paper 2015
van Thienen-Visser, K. (author), Pruiksma, J.P. (author), Breunese, J.N. (author)
The Groningen gas field in the Netherlands is Europe’s largest gas field. It has been produced since 1963 and production is expected to continue until 2080. The pressure decline in the field causes compaction in the reservoir which is observed as subsidence at the surface. Measured subsidence is characterized by a delay at the start of...
article 2015
van Thienen-Visser, K. (author), Breunese, J.N. (author), Pruiksma, J.P. (author), Peters, E. (author), Kortekaas, M. (author), Dulk, M. (author), Wassing, B.B.T. (author), Pizzocolo, F. (author), Gessel, S.F. (author), van Kempen, B.B.M. (author)
report 2013