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Kraaijpoel, D.A. (author), Esteves Martins, J.C. (author), Osinga, S. (author), Vogelaar, B.B.S.A. (author), Breunese, J.N. (author)
We perform statistical analyses on spatiotemporal patterns in the magnitude distribution of induced earthquakes in the Groningen natural gas field. The seismic catalogue contains 336 earthquakes with (local) magnitudes above , observed in the period between 1 January 1995 and 1 January 2022. An exploratory moving-window analysis of maximum...
article 2022
Wees, J.D.A.M. (author), Fokker, P.A. (author), van Thienen-Visser, K. (author), Wassing, B.B.T. (author), Osinga, S. (author), Orlic, B. (author), Ghouri, S.A. (author), Buijze, L. (author), Pluymaekers, M.P.D. (author)
In the Netherlands, over 190 gas fields of varying size have been exploited, and 15% of these have shown seismicity. The prime cause for seismicity due to gas depletion is stress changes caused by pressure depletion and by differential compaction. The observed onset of induced seismicity due to gas depletion in the Netherlands occurs after a...
article 2017