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Walczak, A.P. (author), Kramer, E. (author), Hendriksen, P.J.M. (author), Tromp, P. (author), Helsper, J.P.F.G. (author), van der Zande, M. (author), Rietjens, I.M.C.M. (author), Bouwmeester, H. (author)
Intestinal translocation is a key factor for determining bioavailability of nanoparticles (NPs) after oral uptake. Therefore, we evaluated three in vitro intestinal cell models of increasing complexity which might affect the translocation of NPs: a mono-culture (Caco-2 cells), a co-culture with mucus secreting HT29-MTX cells and a tri-culture...
article 2015
Tluczkiewicz, I. (author), Batke, M. (author), Kroese, D. (author), Buist, H. (author), Aldenberg, T. (author), Pauné, E. (author), Grimm, H. (author), Kühne, R. (author), Schüürmann, G. (author), Mangelsdorf, I. (author), Escher, S.E. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), KvL (author)
In the FP6 European project OSIRIS, Integrated Testing Strategies (ITSs) for relevant toxicological endpoints were developed to avoid new animal testing and thus to reduce time and costs. The present paper describes the development of an ITS for repeated-dose toxicity called RepDose ITS which evaluates the conditions under which in vivo non...
article 2013