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Revel, G.M. (author), Martarelli, M. (author), Emiliani, M. (author), Celotti, L. (author), Nadalini, R. (author), Ferrari, A.D. (author), Hermanns, S. (author), Beckers, E. (author)
Cool materials have a large potential as cost-effective solution for reducing cooling energy consumption in hot summer and mild winter regions like Mediterranean countries. A previous paper has described in detail the development of cool coloured ceramic tiles, acrylic paints and bituminous membranes for the building envelope taking into account...
article 2014
Shahid, A.S. (author), Wassing, B.B.T. (author), Verga, F. (author), Fokker, P.A. (author)
The economic production from shale gas reservoir depends on the success of hydraulic stimulation, which is aimed at the creation of a permeable complex fracture network. This is achieved by the reactivation of a natural fracture network; however, the reactivation may be accompanied by unwanted seismicity. Coupled modelling is required to...
conference paper 2013