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de Boer, M.H. (author), Oggero, S. (author), van Bekkum, M.A. (author), Bomhof, F.W. (author), Hillerström, F.H.J. (author), Knegjens, R.J. (author), Kruithof, M.C. (author), Neumann, N.M.P. (author), Dijk, J. (author)
conference paper 2017
van Leeuwen, C. (author), Rieter-Barrell, Y. (author), Papp, Z. (author), Pruteanu, A. (author), Vogel, T. (author)
Today’s societal challenges, such as sustainable urban living and public safety and security require monitoring and control solutions for large-scale complex and dynamical systems. The distinguishing features of these systems are serious resource constraints, demanding non-functional requirements such as robustness, timeliness, lifetime and the...
conference paper 2016
Papp, Z. (author), del Toro Matamoros, R. (author), van Leeuwen, C. (author), de Oliveira Filho, J. (author), Pruteanu, A. (author), Šůcha, P. (author)
One of the major challenges when designing software for complex systems relates to a lack of a specific and comprehensive set of rules and methodologies. Even more so, adaptation to field conditions is difficult to model and implement on systems composed of a larger number of devices/components, such as distributed systems or systems of systems....
bookPart 2016