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Leonetti, D. (author), Hashemi, B. (author), Allaix, D.L. (author), Maljaars, J. (author)
This paper investigates the differences in the predicted fatigue life of transverse butt weld joints and cover-plated beams considering statistically based fitting methods on fatigue test data and comparing the results with the S-N relation proposed in international standards. The test data fitting are performed by employing the Least Square...
conference paper 2017
Hashemi, B. (author), Maljaars, J. (author), Snijder, H.H. (author)
In order to design structural details of bridges for fatigue, the current version of the Eurocode for steel structures recommends partial factors for fatigue resistance based on the consequences of failure and on the maintenance method. The safe-life method is used for details where local formation of cracks could rapidly lead to failure or for...
conference paper 2019
Hashemi, S.B. (author), Maljaars, J. (author), Snijder, H.H. (author)
In the Eurocode system, for fatigue design of bridges, the recommended partial factor for fatigue traffic loads is set to 1. In this paper, the adequacy of this approach is investigated by performing a reliability analysis on two types of welded joint in a main girder of a steel motorway bridge. For this purpose, a weigh in motion measurement...
bookPart 2018