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Peper, J. (author), Jain, H. (author), Nijboer, M.P. (author), Chen, M. (author), Aarnink, T. (author), Kovalgin, A.Y. (author), Roozeboom, F. (author), Nijmeijer, A. (author), Luiten-Olieman, M.W.J. (author)
conference paper 2022
Gerats, B.G.A. (author)
Data and statistics are key to soccer analytics and have important roles in player evaluation and fan engagement. Automatic recognition of soccer events - such as passes and corners - would ease the data gathering process, potentially opening up the market for non-professional soccer analytics. We propose a novel method for the automatic...
book 2020
Folmer, E.J.A. (author)
Little scientific literature addresses the issue of quality of semantic standards, albeit a problem with high economic and social impact. Our problem survey, including 34 semantic Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs), gives evidence that quality of standards can be improved, but for improvement a quality measurement instrument is needed. 81% of...
doctoral thesis 2012