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van Nes, N. (author), Hoedemaeker, M. (author), van der Horst, A.R.A. (author)
conference paper 2012
Anand, N.R. (author), van Duin, J.H.R. (author), Quak, H.J. (author), Tavasszy, L.A. (author)
conference paper 2011
van der Horst, A.R.A. (author), de Ridder, S. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
This paper describes the results of a driving simulator study that focused on the influence of roadside infrastructure on speed choice and lateral placement of car drivers. A review of the RISER detailed accident database revealed that lateral positioning and speed of the vehicle were two of the primary factors leading to crashes. The driving...
bookPart 2007