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Geurts, M. (author), Hogema, J. (author), Silvas, E. (author), Souman, J. (author), Rahman, A. (author), Hiller, J. (author)
To develop safe automated driving functions, knowing road-user’s lane change behaviour is critical. This detection problem may depend on multiple aspects such as road conditions, location, and weather. To understand the effect of these situational variables, this work introduces a lane change detection algorithm and assessed its performance...
conference paper 2022
Akesson, B. (author), Hooman, J. (author), Dekker, R. (author), Ekkelkamp, W. (author), Stottelaar, B. (author)
Changing an established way of working can be a real headache. This is particularly true if there are high stakes involved, e.g., when changing the development process for complex systems. New design methods, such as model-based engineering (MBE) using domain-specific languages (DSLs) promise significant gains, such as cost reductions and...
conference paper 2018