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Holtzer, A.C.G. (author), van der Giessen, A.M.D. (author), Djurica, M. (author)
This deliverable D5.22 presents the GEN6 check-up measurement. It describes the most prominent outcomes of the GEN6 project up to this point in time. The check-up measurement helps to focus the monitoring towards the most relevant achievements of the project, such that an efficient and well-targeted final, overall, measurement can take place at...
report 2015
Holtzer, A.C.G. (author), van der Giessen, A.M. (author), de Munck, S.G.E. (author), Poel, M.A. (author), Smets, R.C.J. (author)
This deliverable describes the monitoring framework that will be used to monitor and evaluate the GEN6 project and its nine pilots. The main topics are IPv6 uptake and governance, as described by the EC. Monitoring and evaluation will be done during the course of the project. This report describes the monitoring framework, the monitoring...
report 2012