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Hilbrands, B.J. (author), Bera, D. (author), Akesson, B. (author)
Component-based architectures are commonly used in industry to manage the increasing complexity of systems. In such architectures, components interact with each other to achieve the desired functionality. They do so by providing and consuming services to and from each other over their defined interfaces. Interfaces play a key role in managing...
conference paper 2022
Dams, D.R. (author), Ketema, J. (author), Kramer, P. (author), Mooij, A.J. (author), Radulescu, A. (author)
Maintaining large, multi-language code bases is challenging because of their size and complexity. Hence, tool support is desirable. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf tools fall short by aiming for genericity instead of exploiting characteristics of the specific code bases and maintenance tasks. Our objective is to support software maintenance by...
conference paper 2021
Peeters, M.M.M. (author), van den Bosch, K. (author), Meijer, J.J.C. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author)
Serious games offer high potential for immersive, effective, and autonomous training. However, research has shown that trainees need guidance and structure during training. This could be achieved by means of well-chosen scenarios and targeted adaptations of the storyline based on didactic considerations. This paper discusses some of the...
conference paper 2012