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Mathijssen, S.G.J. (author), van Hal, P.A. (author), van den Biggelaar, T.J.M. (author), Smits, E.C.P. (author), de Boer, B. (author), Kemerink, M. (author), Janssen, R.A.J. (author), de Leeuw, D.M. (author)
In organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), interface dipoles play an important role in the process of charge injection from the metallic electrode into the active organic layer.[1,2] An oriented dipole layer changes the effective work function of the electrode because of its internal electric field. The differences between the work functions of...
article 2008
Janssen, J.P.B. (author), van Dijk, R. (author), de Boer, A. (author), van Vliet, F.E. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
The increasing demand of frequency bandwidth for broadband wireless applications results in surveys to new frequency bands, suitable for high data-rate applications. The 60 GHz band is one of the candidates for this type of applications. Due to the high operating frequency the 60 GHz topic is challenging for IC design and measurement....
conference paper 2008