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Verhagen, R.S. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author), Tielman, M.L. (author)
Because of recent and rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), humans and AI-systems increasingly work together in human-agent teams. However, in order to effectively leverage the capabilities of both, AI-systems need to be understandable to their human teammates. The branch of eXplainable AI (XAI) aspires to make AI-systems more...
conference paper 2021
Hoogendoorn, M. (author), Jonker, C.M. (author), van Maanen, P.P. (author), Treur, J. (author)
The management of naval organizations aims at the maximization of mission success by means of monitoring, planning and strategic reasoning. This paper presents an agent-based meta-level architecture for the improvement of automated strategic reasoning in naval planning. The architecture is instantiated with decision knowledge acquired from naval...
conference paper 2006