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Zhang, B. (author), Wilschut, E.S. (author), Willemsen, D.M.C. (author), Alkim, T. (author), Martens, M.H. (author)
Automated platooning of trucks has its beneficial effects on energy saving and traffic flow efficiency. The vehicles in a platoon, however, need to maintain an extremely short headway to achieve these goals, which will result in a heavily blocked front view for the driver in a following truck. Monitoring surrounding traffic environment and...
conference paper 2018
van Leeuwen, P. (author), Landman, R. (author), Buning, L. (author), Heffelaar, T. (author), Hogema, J. (author), van Hemert, J.M. (author), de Winter, J. (author), Happee, R. (author)
Driver distraction is a leading cause of crashes. The introduction of in-vehicle technology in the last decades has added support to the driving task. However, in-vehicle technologies and handheld electronic devices may also be a threat to driver safety due to information overload and distraction. Adaptive in-vehicle information systems may be a...
conference paper 2017
Anand, S. (author), Terken, J. (author), Hogema, J.H. (author), Martens, J.B. (author)
Steer-by-Wire systems enable designers to offer completely personalized steering feel to drivers, unlike existing steering systems that offer limited or no personalization. In this paper we focus on feedback torque level, a significant factor for steering feel. Earlier studies indicate that the preferred feedback torque level may be related to...
bookPart 2012