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Neerincx, M.A. (author), Kaptein, F. (author), van Bekkum, M. (author), Krieger, H.U. (author), Kiefer, B. (author), Peters, R. (author), Broekens, J. (author), Demiris, Y. (author), Sapelli, M. (author)
The PAL project is developing: (1) an embodied conversational agent (robot and its avatar); (2) applications for child-agent activities that help children from 8 to 14 years old to acquire the required knowledge, skills and attitude for adequate diabetes self-management; and (3) dashboards for caregivers to enhance their supportive role for this...
conference paper 2016
Balsters, H. (author), Klaver, C. (author), Huitema, G.B. (author), TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie (author)
Geographic information (geo-data; i.e., data with a spatial component.) is being used for civil, political, and commercial applications. Modeling geo-data can be involved due to its often very complex structure, hence placing high demands on the modeling language employed. Many geo-applications would greatly benefit from the possibility of...
conference paper 2010