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Stortelder, J.K. (author), Storm, A.J. (author), de Rooij-Lohmann, V.I.T.A. (author), Wu, C.C. (author), van Schaik, W. (author)
Novel absorber materials are being developed to improve EUV-reticle imaging performance for the next generations of EUV lithography tools. TNO, together with ASML, has developed a compatibility assessment for novel absorber materials, which addresses the risk that exposure of incompatible materials to EUV-radiation and EUV-plasma conditions...
conference paper 2019
Wu, C.C. (author), te Sligte, E. (author), Bekman, H. (author), Storm, A.J. (author), van Putten, M. (author), Limpens, M.P.M.A. (author), van Veldhoven, J. (author), Deutz, A.F. (author)
EBL2 is TNO's platform for EUV exposure testing and surface analysis. EBL2 is capable of generating conditions relevant to EUV mask operation at all foreseen source power nodes. The authors describe how TNO performs a customized (accelerated) lifetime test on EUV masks. The required gas, EUV, and thermal parameters will be considered, and...
conference paper 2018
Koster, N.B. (author), te Sligte, E. (author), Molkenboer, F.T. (author), Deutz, A.F. (author), van der Walle, P. (author), Muilwijk, P.M. (author), Mulckhuyse, W.F.W. (author), Oostdijck, B.W. (author), Hollemans, C.L. (author), Nijland, B.A.H. (author), Kerkhof, P.J. (author), van Putten, M. (author), Westerhout, J. (author)
TNO is building EBL2 as a publicly accessible test facility for EUV lithography related development of photomasks, pellicles, optics, and other components requiring EUV exposure. EBL2 consists of a EUV Beam Line, a XPS system, and sample handling infrastructure. Recently we finished installation of the source, exposure chamber, handlers and XPS...
conference paper 2017