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den Hollander, R.J.M. (author), Adhikari, A. (author), Tolios, I. (author), van Bekkum, M. (author), Bal, A. (author), Hendriks, S. (author), Kruithof, M.C. (author), Gross, D. (author), Jansen, N. (author), Perez, G. (author), Buurman, K. (author), Raaijmakers, S.A. (author)
conference paper 2020
Pruim, R.H.R. (author), van Opbroek, A. (author), Kruithof, M.C. (author), den Hollander, R.J.M. (author), Baan, J. (author), van den Broek, S.P. (author), van der Stap, N. (author), Dijk, J. (author)
Automatic detection and tracking of maritime targets in imagery can greatly increase situation awareness on naval vessels. Various methods for detection and tracking have been proposed so far, both for reasoning as well as for learning approaches. Learning approaches have the promise to outperform reasoning approaches. They typically detect...
conference paper 2019