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TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Hogervorst, M.A. (author), Toet, A. (author)
We have tested a prototype dual-band NVG system consisting of two NVGs fitted with filters that split the NVG sensitive range into a short (visual) and a long wavelength (NIR) band. The Color-the-night technique (see Hogervorst & Toet, SPIE D&S ‘08) was used to fuse the images of the two sensors. We designed a color scheme especially optimized...
conference paper 2009
Hogervorst, M.A. (author), Toet, A. (author)
We present a fast and efficient method to derive and apply natural colors to nighttime imagery from multiband sensors. The color mapping is derived from the combination of a multiband image and a corresponding natural color reference image. The mapping optimizes the match between the multiband image and the reference image, and yields a...
conference paper 2008
TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author), Kester, L.J.H.M. (author)
The purpose of a tracking algorithm is to associate data measured by one or more (moving) sensors to moving objects in the environment. The state of these objects that can be estimated with the tracking process depends on the type of data that is provided by these sensors. It is discussed how the tracking algorithm can adapt itself, depending on...
conference paper 2003