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van Veenstra, A.F. (author), Timan, T. (author)
Impact assessments have long been used for policy evaluation as well as for assessing (emerging) technologies. Within the field of Digital Governance, impact assessments are often used to analyze policy implications or to assess the impact of technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence on public services. Furthermore, within this...
bookPart 2022
van Veenstra, A.F.E. (author), Kotterink, B. (author)
conference paper 2017
Oude Luttighuis, P. (author), Folmer, E.J.A. (author)
The maturity of the enterprise interoperability field does not match the importance attached to it by many, both in the public as well as the private community. A host of models, paradigms, designs, standards, methods, and instruments seems to be available, but many of them are only used in rather small circles. Also, they constitute a poorly...
bookPart 2011