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van Schalkwijk, D.B. (author), de Graaf, A.A. (author), Tsivtsivadze, E. (author), Parnell, L.D. (author), van der Werff-van der Vat, B.J.C. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), van der Greef, J. (author), Ordovás, J.M. (author)
Background: Cardiovascular disease risk increases when lipoprotein metabolism is dysfunctional. We have developed a computational model able to derive indicators of lipoprotein production, lipolysis, and uptake processes from a single lipoprotein profile measurement. This is the first study to investigate whether lipoprotein metabolism...
article 2014
van der Werf, M.J. (author), Overkamp, K.M. (author), Muilwijk, B. (author), Koek, M.M. (author), van der Werff van der - Vat, B.J.C. (author), Jellema, R.H. (author), Coulier, L. (author), Hankemeier, T. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Metabolomics is an emerging, powerful, functional genomics technology that involves the comparative non-targeted analysis of the complete set of metabolites in an organism. We have set-up a robust quantitative metabolomics platform that allows the analysis of 'snapshot' metabolomes. In this study, we have applied this platform for the...
article 2008
Smilde, A.K. (author), van der Werf, M.J. (author), Bijlsma, S. (author), van der Werff-van der Vat, B.J.C. (author), Jellema, R.H. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
A general method is presented for combining mass spectrometry-based metabolomics data. Such data are becoming more and more abundant, and proper tools for fusing these types of data sets are needed. Fusion of metabolomics data leads to a comprehensive view on the metabolome of an organism or biological system. The ideas presented draw upon...
article 2005