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Kouters, M.H.M. (author), Slot, H.M. (author), van Zwieten, W. (author), van der Veer, J. (author)
Hydrogen is used as a process gas in vacuum environments for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. If hydrogen dissolves in metallic components during operation it can result in hydrogen embrittlement. In order to assess if hydrogen embrittlement occurs in such a vacuum environment a special fatigue test has been developed. Accelerated life...
article 2014
Kouters, M.H.M. (author), Ubachs, R. (author), van de Wiel, H.J. (author), van der Waal, A. (author), van der Veer, J. (author)
Standard drop tests for portable electronics are not representative for the qualification of automotive electronics. High-frequency vibrations are more dominant than abrupt shocks during normal operation. In this work a high speed board bending (HSB) method is developed to mimic the constant cyclic solder joint loading (sinus wave load, 10-200...
conference paper 2011