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van Rossum, W.L. (author), Nennie, F. (author), Deiana, D. (author), van der Veen, A.J. (author), Monni, S. (author)
The electrical properties of tissues samples are required for investigation and simulation purposes in biomedical applications of EM sensors. While available open literature mostly deals with ex-vivo characterization of isolated tissues, knowledge on dielectric properties of these tissues in their original environment is essential for an...
conference paper 2014
TNO Informatie- en communicatietechnologie (author), Djapic, R. (author), Leus, G. (author), van der Veen, A.J. (author), Trindade, A. (author)
Ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless communication systems are based on the transmission of extremely narrow pulses, with a duration inferior to a nanosecond. The application of transmit reference(TR) to UWB systems allows to side-step channel estimation at the receiver, with a tradeoff of the effective transmission bandwidth, which is reduced by the...
article 2006