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Martens, N. (author), Crone, M.R. (author), Hindori-Mohangoo, A. (author), Hindori, M. (author), Reis, R. (author), Hoxha, I.S. (author), Abanga, J. (author), Matthews, S. (author), Berry, L. (author), van der Kleij, R.M.J.J. (author), van den Akker-van Marle, M. (author), van Damme, A. (author), Talrich, F. (author), Beeckman, K. (author), Mc Court, C. (author), Schindler Rising, S. (author), Billings, D.L. (author), Rijnders, M.E.B. (author)
Background: Group care (GC) improves the quality of maternity care, stimulates women’s participation in their own care and facilitates growth of women’s social support networks. There is an urgent need to identify and disseminate the best mechanisms for implementing GC in ways that are feasible, context appropriate and sustainable. This protocol...
article 2022
van der Kleij, R.M.J.J. (author), Crone, M.R. (author), Reis, R. (author), Paulussen, T.G.W.M. (author)
Several intersectoral community approaches targeting childhood obesity (IACOs) have been launched in the Netherlands. Translation of these approaches into practice is however arduous and implementation. We therefore studied the implementation of five IACOs in the Netherlands for one-and-a-half years. IACO implementation was evaluated via an...
article 2016
van der Kleij, R.M.J.J. (author), Crone, M.R. (author), Paulussen, T.G.W.M. (author), van de Gaar, V.M. (author), Reis, R. (author)
Background The implementation of programs complex in design, such as the intersectoral community approach Youth At a Healthy Weight (JOGG), often deviates from their application as intended. There is limited knowledge of their implementation processes, making it difficult to formulate sound implementation strategies. Methods For two years, we...
article 2015