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van der Klauw, T. (author), Bulut, Y. (author), Kornaat, W. (author), Borsboom, W. (author), Driessen, B. (author)
This deliverable describes the workflow for calibrating Energy Models and Indoor Environmental Quality models using monitoring data. It is the result of task 5.4 “Self learning BIMBOTS” of WP5 “Operational Tools Implementation” of the Sphere project.
report 2023
Mitropoulou, D. (author), Kalikatzarakis, M. (author), van der Klauw, T. (author), Blokland, A.J. (author), Geertsma, R.D. (author), Bucurenciu, A.M. (author), Dembinskas, D. (author)
Adaptability, stealth, damage sustainability, extended range and reliability are key factors to every successful naval mission. The shipbuilding industry conceptualized and deployed a wide variety of power and propulsion architectures over the decades: from mechanical, to electrical and hybrid propulsion. The tendency towards increasingly...
conference paper 2020