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Malvar, O. (author), Gil-Santos, E. (author), Ruz, J.J. (author), Sentre-Arribas, E. (author), Sanz-Jimenez, A. (author), Kosaka, P.M. (author), Garcia-Lopez, S. (author), Paulo, A.S. (author), Sbarra, S. (author), Waquier, L. (author), Favero, I. (author), Van Der Heiden, M. (author), Altmann, R.K. (author), Papanastasiou, D. (author), Kounadis, D. (author), Panagiotopoulos, I. (author), Mingorance, J. (author), Rodriguez-Tejedor, M. (author), Delgado, R. (author), Calleja, M. (author), Tamayo, J. (author)
Nanomechanical mass spectrometry allows characterization of analytes with broad mass range, from small proteins to bacterial cells, and with unprecedented mass sensitivity. In this work, we show a novel multifrequency nanomechanical mass spectrometer prototype designed for focusing, guiding and soft-landing of nanoparticles and viral particles...
conference paper 2023
Bakker, R.S.H. (author), van der Heiden, M. (author)
The first 1,000 Days is a concept aiming to give children the best possible start in life, regardless of where they are born. This starts already during the early pregnancy. As part of these efforts Simavi and TNO together created Check2Gether (C2G). C2G combines technical and social innovation to improve antenatal care in the health care...
public lecture 2021