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van Genabeek, J. (author), van der Zwaan, L. (author), Niks, I. (author), van der Gulden, J. (author), Schers, H. (author)
In recent years, various forms of work-related healthcare in primary care have been tested in practice. Nevertheless, until now an effective, widely-used approach for this type of care is still lacking. In the project ‘Work-related healthcare in primary care’, an integrated intervention for work-related healthcare is developed, implemented and...
article 2018
van Weel, C. (author), Orbon, K. (author), van der Gulden, J. (author), Buijs, P. (author), Folgering, H. (author), Thoonen, B. (author), Schermer, T. (author)
Western populations are in the middle of the epidemiological transition of chronic diseases. Care of patients with chronic disease is directed at optimising life expectancy and quality of life. Daily and social functioning, including paid work are part of the treatment objectives. Yet, advice for and support in work related coping with chronic...
article 2006