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Hamdiui, N. (author), Marchena, E. (author), Stein, M.L. (author), van Steenbergen, J.E. (author), Crutzen, R. (author), van Keulen, H.M. (author), Reis, R. (author), van den Muijsenbergh, M.E.T.C. (author), Timen, A. (author)
Objectives: Whether the lower Dutch cervical cancer (CC) screening participation of Turkish- and Moroccan-Dutch women is based on informed decision-making is unknown. Our aim was to explore how and why Turkish- and Moroccan-Dutch women decide to participate or not in the current Dutch CC screening programme as well as to learn their perceptions...
article 2021
de Jonge, A. (author), Rijnders, M. (author), Agyemang, C. (author), van der Stouwe, R. (author), van den Muijsenbergh, M.E.T.C. (author), Buitendijk, S. (author)
Background: Ethnic minority women in Western countries have poorer pregnancy outcomes compared to majority populations, and undocumented women are particularly vulnerable. We intended to assess whether midwives adjust their care if women are undocumented and have no health insurance. Methods: A retrospective matched cohort study in primary...
article 2011