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van den Berge, M. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author), Türkeli, R. (author), van Kalken, M. (author), Hulsegge, G. (author)
Objective: This study investigated associations between the co-existence of multiple types of work-related psychosocial and physical risk factors, and (1) obesity; (2) smoking; and (3) leisure-time physical inactivity. It also aimed to identify sociodemographic characteristics related to clustering of work-related risk factors and lifestyle...
article 2021
van den Berge, M. (author), Hulsegge, G. (author), van der Molen, H.F. (author), Proper, K.I. (author), Pasman, R.W. (author), den Broeder, L. (author), Tamminga, S.J. (author), Hulshof, C.T.J. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author)
Health interventions often do not reach blue-collar workers. Citizen science engages target groups in the design and execution of health interventions, but has not yet been applied in an occupational setting. This preliminary study determines barriers and facilitators and feasible elements for citizen science to improve the health of blue-collar...
article 2020
Venekamp, G.M. (author), Kamphuis, I.G. (author), Laarakkers, J.A.W. (author), van den Berge, M. (author)
Today, mass presence of distributed energy resources (DERs) connected to the grid is often seen as having adverse effects on grid reliability and robustness. The apprehension is that it complicates or even compromises network management by distribution system operators (DSOs). The central aim of the Open System for Energy Services (OS4ES) [1]...
conference paper 2015