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de Mooij, B. (author), Fekkes, M (author), Miers, A.C. (author), van den Akker, A.L. (author), Scholte, R.H.J. (author), Overbeek, G. (author)
Programs that aim to reduce symptoms of social anxiety in children generally include multiple components, such as exposure and cognitive restructuring. It is unknown if separate components yield positive intervention effects in children or whether a combination of components is required. We investigated the effectiveness of exposure, cognitive...
article 2023
de Mooij, B. (author), Fekkes, M. (author), van den Akker, A.L. (author), Vliek, L. (author), Scholte, R.H.J. (author), Overbeek, G. (author)
Prior research has related children's prosocial behavior to overall well-being, and stimulating prosocial behavior is the aim of many social-emotional skills interventions. This study assessed if affirming children's autonomy stimulates their psychosocial behavior. We conducted a three-arm microtrial with four repeated measures to assess if a...
article 2022
Prinzie, P. (author), van Harten, L. (author), Deković, M. (author), van den Akker, A.L. (author), Shiner, R.L. (author)
This study examined separate developmental trajectories of anxious and depressive symptoms from childhood to adolescence (9–15 years) in a community-based sample (N = 290). At three measurement points, mothers and fathers reported on their children's anxious and depressive symptoms, and at Time 1 they reported on lower order child personality...
article 2014