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van de Pol, J. (author), van Braak, M. (author), Pennings, H.J.M. (author), van Vondel, S. (author), Steenbeek, H. (author), Akkerman, S. (author)
The pervasive phenomenon of adaptivity in face-to-face interaction is described inconsistently, using numerous concepts (e.g. lignment/attunement/complementarity/imitation/reciprocity/scaffolding/synchrony), impeding the streamlining of adaptivity research. We explored 33 adaptivity concepts and various adaptivity theories from different fields....
article 2022
van Riet, M.W.G. (author), van de Pol, J. (author), van der Zwan, T. (author)
Underwater acoustic modeling is used in many fields of research and development, which has resulted in a wide variety of acoustic models and applications, such as sensor performance prediction, sensor performance optimizations and acoustic impact on marine life. Many of the applications share a similar set of input parameters: bathymetry, sound...
conference paper 2013