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Veugen, P.J.M. (author), Kamphorst, B (author), van de L'Isle, N. (author), van Egmond, M.B. (author)
We show how multiple data-owning parties can collabora tively train several machine learning algorithms without jeopardizing the privacy of their sensitive data. In particular, we assume that every party knows specific features of an overlapping set of people. Using a secure implementation of an advanced hidden set intersection protocol and a...
conference paper 2021
van Egmond, M.B. (author), Spini, G. (author), van der Galien, O. (author), IJpma, A. (author), Veugen, P.J.M. (author), Kaaij, W. (author), Sangers, A. (author), Rooijakkers, T. (author), Langenkamp, P. (author), Kamphorst, B. (author), van de L'Isle, N. (author), Kooij-Janic, M. (author)
Background: Recent developments in machine learning have shown its potential impact for clinical use such as risk prediction, prognosis, and treatment selection. However, relevant data are often scattered across diferent stakehold ers and their use is regulated, e.g. by GDPR or HIPAA. As a concrete use-case, hospital Erasmus MC and health...
article 2021