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Li, A. (author), Pfelzer, N. (author), Zuijderwijk, R. (author), Brickwedde, A. (author), van Zeijl, C. (author), Punt, P. (author)
Aspergillus niger has an extraordinary potential to produce organic acids as proven by its application in industrial citric acid production. Previously, it was shown that expression of the cis-aconitate decarboxylase gene (cadA) from Aspergillus terreus converted A. niger into an itaconic acid producer (Li et al., Fungal Genet Bio 48: 602-611,...
article 2013
Punt, P.J. (author), Seiboth, B. (author), Weenink, X.O. (author), van Zeijl, C. (author), Lenders, M. (author), Konetschny, C. (author), Ram, A.F.J. (author), Montijn, R. (author), Kubicek, C.P. (author), van den Hondel, C.A.M.J.J. (author), Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO (author)
DNA fragments containing genetic information for five secretion-related small GTPases of Aspergillus niger (srgA-E) were isolated and identified as members of different Rab/Ypt subfamilies. This isolation and the search for similar sequences in fungal genomic and EST databases showed that, in contrast to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, filamentous...
article 2001